If you have a licensed 'key' and need it this page may help you.

This Locate Key page does not get information from the 'main' database. Because of this the information is not always up to date and if you just ordered your license today the key may not be available here until the following day. If you are using this page to get the 'status' of a UOAssist seed/account remember it also may be out of date somewhat.

If you never registered/licensed UOAssist this page will be of no help in getting a key, it does NOT give out trial keys. To get a trial key go to the Get It Now page and follow the instructions.

Enter your 'seed' below then press the locate button.

Remember, UOAssist generates the seed for you on your machine when you log into the game. If you have forgotten the steps to get your seed visit the Get It Now page for instructions.

Further questions can be sent to UOAssist@tugsoft.com. Be sure to include your seed if you are looking for your key.